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Image Result For Schlafen Definition

Image Result For Schlafen Definition

Image Result For Schlafen Definition

  • What Does Schlafen Mean Definitions

    Definitions for schlafen schlafen. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word schlafen..

  • Schlafen Wiktionary

    schlafen class strong, third person singular simple present schl ft, past tense schlief, past participle geschlafen, past subjunctive schliefe, auxiliary haben to sleep.

  • Schlafen Translation English German Dictionary Reverso

    [Stadt, Land] to be quiet, to slumber liter. inf =nicht aufpassen bei bestimmter Gelegenheit to be asleep, immer not to pay attention. er schl ft immer noch he’s still asleep, he’s still sleeping. tief or fest schlafen zusem Zeitpunkt to be fast or sound asleep, immer to be a deep or sound sleeper..

  • Schlafen Definition German Definition Dictionary Reverso

    Schlafen definition, schlafen meaning | German definition dictionary German English German French German Spanish Germannjugation Search also in Web News Encyclopedia Images.

  • Schlafen Translate German To English Cambridge Dictionary

    Schlafen translate to sleep, to be asleep, to spend the night, to be asleep, roost, sleep. Learn more in the Cambridge German English Dictionary..

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